Tanabe Concept G Blue 80mm Turbo Back Exhaust System Part # T90072 for the 2003 - 2007 Lancer EvolutionZoom

Tanabe Concept G Blue 80mm Turbo Back Exhaust System Part # T90072 for the 2003 - 2007 Lancer Evolution

Tanabe Concept G Blue 80mm Turbo Back Exhaust System Part # T90072 for the 2003 - 2007 Lancer Evolution
Item# T90072
Tanabe Concept G Blue 80mm Turbo Back Exhaust System Part # T90072 for the 2003 - 2007 Lancer Evolution

80mm (3.15 inch) piping and straight through muffler design.

Kit includes catback exhaust, test pipe, down pipe, removable silencer, heavy duty gaskets and bolt kit.

We took turbocharged car exhaust tuning one step further in the development of the complete turbo back exhaust, CONCEPT G BLUE

This complete system includes a full SUS304 stainless downpipe and cat delete pipe that have thicker construction to withstand the heat of extreme exhaust gas temperatures. The catback portion of this system features lightweight SUS304 piping with a specialized full Inconel tip.

This system maximizes flow efficiency for the largest power gains and will greatly benefit vehicles running higher amounts of boost. This system is capable of handling the flow needs of extremely modified vehicles.

Tailored for turbo car driver who enjoys boost.

Advantex Performance exhaust technology

Advantex is a highly advanced muffler packing material that greatly excels over other packing material types such as loose packed fiberglass mats and composite cube types. Advantex internal packing material allows the muffler to reduce sound more, with less material, while maintaining extremely high flow characteristics. Click here for a detailed overview of Advantex material for exhaust systems.

Inconel Tip

A special signature of the CONCEPT G BLUE is it's flame treated, full inconel tip. Inconel is a rare alloy that has excellent properties for anti-corrosiveness, and it's ability to withstand extreme temperatures (1600F). The tip is slash cut and also features the 'Medalion' logo in laser etched print.

O2 Sensor Placement

While the catalytic converters are removed to maximize the flow, we retain all factory O2 sensors and placement.

Highest Grade SUS304 Construction

Tanabe was one of the first Japanese aftermarket companies to create full SUS304 stainless steel exhaust systems many years ago. The highest grade SUS304 stainless is used on all systems for maximum durability, as well as lightweightedness. Our experience in developing SUS304 systems has allowed us to reach a high level of craftsmanship in this field.

Special Piping Construction

Since CONCEPT G BLUE is a turbo-back exhaust system, we took special consideration during the construction of it's components. Since exhaust gasses from turbocharged vehicles are very hot, the downpipe and cat-delete portions of the system have rugged 1.5mm thick piping, whereas the cooler rear catback secion uses our specialized 1.2mm thick piping for weight reduction.

Weight Reduction - Hollow Exhaust Hangar

Because every bit of weight savings is beneficial, exhaust hangars have hollow construction to reduce weight.

Weight Reduction - Pressed Flanges

Further weight reduction is acheived and utilizes through the use of pressed SUS304 exhaust flanges on portions of the exhaust system.

Straightest Form, Mandrel Bent

Minimizing bends is a goal of each custom built Tanabe exhaust system. The truest form is realized to minimize restrictions and maximize useable power gains. Where necessary, the piping is mandrel bent for improved exhaust flow characteristics.

Removeable Silencer Included

The Concept G Blue is one of our most powerful exhaust system creations. Because it is a zero restriction model, the system is louder than our other under 95db and under 93db systems. For this reason, we include a removeable silencer which can reduce overall sound output and db levels.
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