AEM V2 Induction System for 02-06 Acura RSX Type S Part #: 24-6106CZoom

AEM V2 Induction System for 02-06 Acura RSX Type S Part #: 24-6106C

AEM V2 Induction System for 02-06 Acura RSX Type S Part #: 24-6106C
Item# 24-6106C
AEM’s V2 intake systems use a patented dual chamber design to produce the most power and torque of any other intake system available—even our own Cold Air systems.

On a dyno graph, the area under the power band (or power curve) represents the amount of effort that an engine is producing. The larger the overall area under the curve, the more power your engine is making. The AEM V2 utilizes a dual chamber (using two different diameters and lengths of piping) that creates multiple frequency sound waves to produce the largest area under the curve of any intake system on the market. These sound waves help charge the cylinders with more air throughout the entire rpm range and are what enables the V2 to outperform even our own Cold Air systems.

We have found that inlet length plays a vital role in the power production of V2 systems and not all V2 induction systems relocate the filter outside of the engine compartment. In these cases, we performed extensive temperature testing to locate the filter in the coolest area of the engine compartment to achieve the lowest inlet temperatures possible. Please refer to our temperature testing procedures for more information.

Outperforms every intake system on the market, even our own Cold Air intakes

50-state legal or pending legality Patent #6,959,679

Manufactured and assembled in the USA

Inlet constructed of lightweight aircraft aluminum and mandrel bent for maximum flow

Reinforced TIG-welded brackets and fittings deliver added durability

Utilizes a complete hardware kit with soft mounts for a guaranteed perfect fit

AEM’s lifetime DRYFLOW Synthetic air filter is 99.4% efficient, filters to one micron, and never needs filter oil!

Comprehensive installation instructions, decals and license plate frame included

Available in a powdercoated titanium-look finish

Guaranteed for life
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