HPX D1S HID replacement bulbs (2 bulbs) Choose your color!Zoom

HPX D1S HID replacement bulbs (2 bulbs) Choose your color!

HPX D1S HID replacement bulbs (2 bulbs) Choose your color!
HPX D1S HID replacement bulbs (2 bulbs)

<--- Check the color chart for approximate colors!


3000K is yellow just like yellow fog lights.

4300K is the stock HID color that comes with most cars and is pure white.

6000K is pure white with a slight tint of blue. 4300 - 6000K are the brightest.

8000K has more blue and above 6000K you begin to trade brightness for more color. You loose about 5% of the brightness for each step above 6000K. So 8000K -5%, 10,000K -10%, 15,000K -15% and so on. Also for each step up above 8000K the bulbs get darker blue in color until you reach a purplish blue at 30,000K. Purple has a brightness similar to 30,000K but is real Purple in color.

Xenon's HID Replacement Bulbs are made from the best laser cut glass, are aligned with extreme accuracy and do not emit any ultra violet light that can damage the headlight housings or lenses. The gas mixtures made to fill these HID bulbs is very consistent and results in matching color between the pairs of bulbs so that one bulbs light output does not differ in color from the other. The high quality manufacturing and strict adherence to standards results in an accurate aim, consistent color and long lasting HID bulb.

Application: D1S

These D1S Bulbs are direct replacement for all D1S applications.

Color temperature: 4300K, 6000K, 8000K, 10,000K, 15,000

Bulbs are sold in sets of 2 bulbs and come with 2 harnesses.

These D1S bulbs are a direct replacement for original equipment D1S bulbs.

Estimated HID Bulb Life: 3000 Hours

Warranty: 1 year for defects or failure.

Replacement colors available: 3000K, 4300K, 6000K, 10,000K, 15,000K, 30,000K and Purple.
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